Nikki Lissoni | Show Your Emotions

Nikki Lissoni not only allows you to create fantastic customised jewellery, it allows you to show your emotions. Nikki Lissoni have instilled emotions in selected coins which allows you to choose a coin depending on your emotions, or the purpose of the gift. A great example is love which makes a great Valentines or special thank you present. Each emotion coin comes with a card and envelope for the selected emotion which has space for a personal message. Click your favourite emotion(s) below to see all coins containing the emotion.


Be blessed by life and its virtues. Bless that and those around you and in return you will see friendships, relationships and the world around you blossom beyond your wildest dreams.

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Courage comes in different forms. Overcoming any obstacle, small or large, is remarkable. Always remember: you are extraordinary, you are fearless and you should always be proud of the actions you take.

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Find your creativity to discover endless enjoyment. Some think creativity can only be applied to belongings and crafts however be creative with life's experiences for total enjyoment.

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Hope lies in dreams, imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams a reality. Unlock your dreams and change your life. Your dreams hold the key.

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In life, faith comes in many forms. Being faithful can be to place belief and trust in a person or idea. Faith commonly connotes religious and interpersonal relationships.

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Your work is to discover your world, be free like a bird souring across the sky. With freedom you have the ability to achieve whatever you desire.

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Friendships come and go but there will always be those few which remain. Friendship isn't something which is simply given or received, it is shared. Share your friendship with those you love.

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Follow your heart and you can gain true happiness. You will feel happier and will give the very best you can. You will always feel wanted and loved, supported and cared for.

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“Hope” in Scripture means “a strong and confident expectation.” Being forceful can override your hopes and you will forget your true desires.

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Follow your heart and you can gain true happiness. You will feel happier and will give the very best you can. You will always feel wanted and loved, supported and cared for.

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Your Imagination gives you the power to follow all of your ideas and realise you can achieve your dreams.

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Be immortal. Show your radiant power and bestow greatness, bravery and intelligence upon those around you. Ward off the evil and live forever.

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Believe in the light of each day, be confident in your inspiration and in each breath, you will have the strength to achieve anything you wish.

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Love lives forever. I will always be a person upon whom you can rely; I will always be here for you. You will never have to ask me for anything, for everything that is mine is willingly given.

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We are spinning our own fate, never lose faith in luck and don't give up on your dreams. You hold your destiny, make your own luck.

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The pace of modern life can be a drain on your inner energy and vitality and you must have the motivation to overcome this. While it is essential to be motivated but it is important to remember your body and mind need to rest to face life's greatest challenges.

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Let your passion run free. Passion can be applied to pleasure, intimacy, sensuality and relationships. Experience life through a series of feelings and sensations; to let your creativity passionately flow.

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Having true peace of mind can be difficult to achieve in this hectic world of ours. You must ease your inner conflicts in order to find true peace in life.

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Be positive in life, you will feel an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness. It is these emotions that begin to heal any hurt or negativity you are holding onto.

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Power is the key to success will give you the strength you need to achieve anything. Your life is constantly filled with change; it is always moving and altering. By embracing these changes, you empower yourself and place your life solely within your own control.

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Protect yourself from negative influences in your life which aim to tarnish your inner courage, positivity and power. Protect yourself from these influences and you will become stronger after each success.

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Be strong and you will achieve your desires. Keep your strength but always remember your body and mind need to rest otherwise you will fatigue.

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Place trust in your inner voice and find ease. Being able to trust yourself is one of the most valuable skills a person can possess. In life you must also trust others however trusting yourself at every opportunity will set you free.

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The wisdom of the Buddha teaches us the real secret to joy and happiness is simple. Be wise and listen to your heart.

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